Create object oriented C code and convert it to a JSON file
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Tiger Engine v1.1

Create object oriented C code that can read and write JSON files

The top three reasons to use the Tiger Engine

  1. It is designed to be cross-platform and is written entirely in C.
  2. Generating a JSON file is native (The engine’s objects are all designed around the JSON format).
  3. The engine is object oriented but never exposes the malloc() and free() functions.

What is the Tiger Engine and who is it for?

  • It is designed to extend and replace methods that do not work in Apple’s Cocoa API.
  • Anyone using Cocoa in Objective-C or Swift should pick it up quickly.
  • Makes copies of each object so there are no confusing pointer counts.
  • Uses stacks so you can push and pop objects in batches or not at all.
  • Create an array of variables without specifying how many there will be at compile time.
  • Reads and writes JSON files and ASCII text files.
  • It is open source so if you need a new function you can request it or make your own.
  • Uses the MIT source code license so you can use it with any type of project.

Here’s a “Hello World” snippet of code

	TIGValue *theString = TIGStringInput(NULL, “Hello World”);
	printf(“%s\n”, TIGStringOutput(theString));

Check out the main.c file for a list of functions with comprehensive examples. Also make sure to comment out #define TIG_DEBUG in the TigerEngine.h when deploying an application.

Check out our website at:

If you use the Tiger Engine let us know on our website so we can let others know.