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alekna commented Oct 16, 2016 edited

On a high DPI (HiDPI) screen TigerVNC is unusable. Would be it possible to implement scaling factor option in TigerVNC client? Remmina seems to support HiDPI out of the box.

Please find a screenshot below. TigerVNC is on the left, Remmina - on the right. Both are connected to the same VNC server.
screenshot from 2016-10-17 00-07-49

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hildred commented Oct 16, 2016

If you are using Xvnc (or vnc server) and you only connect from high resolution displays, the -dpi option to Xvnc may be useful.

alekna commented Oct 18, 2016 edited

I tried running it with -dpi 192. Not much of an improvement.

screenshot from 2016-10-19 02-10-22

hildred commented Oct 19, 2016

try larger numbers like 500 or 1000, also make sure you have a scalable fixed width font.

alekna commented Oct 24, 2016 edited

It looks really bad with higher -dpi. In my opinion scaling should be done on the client side. It should be font and application agnostic. Just like Reminna does that (see the right side of the first screenshot)

screenshot from 2016-10-24 22-28-42

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