jetson tx1 jetpack 2.3. ubuntu 16.04 lts #380

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golovanevAA commented Nov 8, 2016 edited

dpkg-shlibdeps: error: no dependency information found for /usr/lib/aarch64-linux-gnu/tegra/ (used by debian/tigervncserver/usr/bin/Xtigervnc)
Hint: check if the library actually comes from a package.
ARM Cortex-A57. would like to specify there are chances to compile under him? if yes, as it to make that?

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This sounds like a bug in your system. Perhaps you have a proprietary driver installed that is screwing up the build?

@bphinz bphinz was assigned by CendioOssman Nov 10, 2016

All drivers which are necessary for this system are installed. Perhaps the problem that costs Nvidia of the driver as is the built-in system with the powerful graphic chip (256 graphic kernels) what other drivers to establish there is no opportunity. And as is well-known Nvidia very much doesn't love OpenGL and supports in the main CUDA (8.0) and OpenCV (2.4.13) - on jetson TX1 they and are established. Possibly at you with TigerVNC specific OpenGL of function are used (from higher what supported 1.2 versions) and therefore there is such mistake :(

bphinz commented Nov 10, 2016

Many thanks for council. I managed to compile the program, I set it but unfortunately that that all the same doesn't work. In file/.xsession-errors there are here such errors
openConnection: connect: No such file or directory cannot connect to brltty at :0 upstart: Failed to spawn window-stack-bridge main process: unable to execute: No such file or directory


.xsession-errors isn't normally used with VNC. How are you starting the server?

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