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e24payment-php is an implementation in PHP of E24PaymentPipe java classes. It allows to connect to online credit card payment from .

Gateways that use this include:

Example Usage

  $payment = new e24PaymentPipe;


  $payment->setCurrency("840"); //USD
  $payment->setAction("1"); // 1 = Purchase


  if (strlen($payment->getErrorMsg()) > 0) {
    echo $payment->getErrorMsg();
    header('Location: ' . $payment_id = $payment->paymentPage . '?PaymentID=' . $payment->paymentId);


This requires php 5.2 in order to work. (Uses ZipArchive - also a PECL extension)

Userful Links - Find your currency code here.


This library origonally written by Paolo Carlo Pomi, that had not been updated since 2009. It did not work with php 5. I have removed a dependency that it had with "pclzip.lib.php" and used the native php 5 functionality for zip.

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