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Expressive Delegator for Sentry
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This is an expressive delegator for the service Sentry utilizing Sentry's latest PHP SDK. The only required config is your Sentry project DSN. You can optionally add an environment, which will automatically be registered in your expressive application. Below is an example config.

return [
  'sentry' => [
    'dsn' => '[project dsn]',
    'environment' => '[environment]',


You can install SentryDelegator using Composer:

$ composer require tigerman55/sentry-delegator


To bind your configuration to Sentry, you'll need to invoke the following somewhere early in your application. One option, is to put this in index.php right after the container initialization.

(new ConfigureSentry())($container->get('config'))

Advanced Usage

Sentry context is supported with this delegator. To add context, simply add the following in the appropriate middleware:

Sentry\configureScope(function (Scope $scope) use ($context) : void {
        'email'    => $context['email'],
        'username' => $context['username'],
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