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eleventy-classic-blog-starter GitHub last commit GitHub issues

A starter repository for a classic blog website using the Eleventy SSG.

Of course, a very opiniated one, and a work in progress!

Cloudflare Netlify Render Vercel Surge Hostman

Local setup and run

Very classic too...

Clone & install

git clone <my-blog-name>
cd <my-blog-name>
npm install

build first, and set live!

npm run build
npm run live



  • Nunjucks port - but same CSS - based on liquid layouts from Hyde by @mdo

Problems, notes and sometimes solutions


Creation (or Updated) dates

Posts default dates (file creation) are only reliable in local, for you. Depending where you are, they may change during transfer, upload, etc. Differently but not really better, dates embedded inside the post filename (YYYY-MM-DD) only works in UTC, and will never - if needed - include a time of day.

=> Conclusion: The only valid dates are coming from the "data cascade", from Frontmatter to computed data and work best in their complete form like this: "2020-07-20T13:00:00.000Z" or simplified like this: "2020-07-20 20:00:00 +7".

SEO & Automatic link(s) to image(s)

SEO experts are saying you should avoid to set year, month and day in your URL, which means you may have trouble keeping your images with their related post, and in the same time not keeping that "dated" structure for these same markdown document.

=> Conclusion: As you build permalinks, you have to build links to images.


With a little help from @tigersway/gulp-responsive and gulp-vinyl-flow, Eleventy can transform every img tag.

Nunjucks & Fragments


Bug reports, feature requests... or even stars

This is an ongoing project - even if I don't modify it everyday - and every suggestions and/or contributions are most welcome!



  • Lighthouse 4 x 100%
  • Color corrections (WCAG2AA)
  • RSS
  • Filter excerpt without cheerio
  • moment -> dayjs
  • Re-visit Gulp/eleventy organization
    • Static folders
    • Fonts
    • PostCSS
  • Delete FrontAid CMS files - CMS tests will be done later


  • First try on "Cloudflare Pages"
  • Added robots.txt