Code for my blog post "Generating Mazes with Inductive Graphs"
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This is the code accompanying my blog post: Generating Mazes with Inductive Graphs.

Build instructions courtesy of Mike Xie and Rianna Morgan


libcairo is a C++ library, their site and instructions on how to install by OS can be found here:

On Ubuntu, you can install it with apt-get:

sudo apt-get install libcairo2-dev

Installation with Cabal

Get the project:

git clone
cd inductive-mazes

If your cabal bin directory is not in your PATH, add it:

export PATH=$HOME/.cabal/bin:$PATH  – or wherever your cabal directory is

The project should probably be built inside of a sandbox.

cabal sandbox init

cabal install gtk2hs-buildtools
cabal install inductive-mazes.cabal

Installation with Stack

Building under Stack is quite simple and obviates the need for building within a cabal sandbox.

Get the project:

git clone
cd inductive-mazes

From within the project directory, run:

stack init

Stack will then install the packages locally for the project.

Interactive Use

Run the following inside the inductive-mazes directory:

cabal repl

If using stack, run:

stack ghci

Once in the ghci instance, run:

*Draw> genPng defaults "my-maze.png" 40 40
^D – exiting cabal repl

After having returned to the terminal, view the new maze file with your favourite .png views:

eog my-maze.png -- or whatever your png viewer is