A 2D polygon collision simulation originally written for A.S. physics in 2009.
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2D Physics Collision Simulation

This is a simple little polygon collision simulation. It lets you
create shapes and watch them collide. The shapes can be thrown, and
gravity can also be configured. A detailed user guide can be found on
the project's web site at

This was the final project for A.S. Physics at Menlo Atherton High
School during the spring semester of 2009. It was primarily written by
Jacob Taylor (mostly the classes in the engine package) and Tikhon
Jelvis (mostly the classes in the gui package). Ken Dopp and Gregory
Nisbet also helped on the project, but did no actual programming (they
worked on things like the physical experiment, powerpoint and


Everything can be run from simulation.gui.Main. This class runs the
full interface. The simulation can also be used with a different
interface; the simulation.pong package is a simple example of
this. This package is a game of pong using the physics engine; it was
written very quickly as a proof-of-concept and was not tested