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Trumbowyg Rails

I no longer maintain this. If someone else wants to keep it up to date and handle releases feel free to file an issue in order to request gem owner access on rubygems

Rails asset wrapper for Trumbowyg

Currently tracking code as of this change.


  1. Configure your Gemfile to use this gem:

     gem 'trumbowyg_rails'
  2. Require the JavaScript files in app/assets/javascripts, after jQuery:

     //= require trumbowyg/trumbowyg

    Optional - Include any supported language packs from this list:

     //= require trumbowyg/vendor/langs/fr
  3. Require the Stylesheets in app/assets/stylesheets:

     *= require trumbowyg/trumbowyg

Update Instructions

In order to sync this repository with the upstream provider use the following workflow:

  1. Check out latest copy of parent repository

  2. Run npm install to install Trumbowyg dependencies

  3. Run gulp build to generate the sprite files

  4. Copy as follows from Trumbowyg => trumbowyg2-rails

     /dist/ui/images/* => /vendor/assets/images/trumbowyg/vendor/images
     /src/ui/sass/* => /vendor/assets/stylesheets/trumbowyg/vendor
     /src/trumbowyg.js => /vendor/assets/javascripts/trumbowyg/vendor
     /src/langs/* => /vendor/assets/javascripts/trumbowyg/vendor


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