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Build Status

This repository contains the Docker files for TileDB.

Download prebuilt Docker images from Dockerhub:

docker pull tiledb/tiledb:<version>
docker run -it tiledb/tiledb:<version>
$ cd TileDB-<version>/build/examples/c_api
$ ./tiledb_version_c
TileDB v<version>


  1. Install the Docker daemon from

  2. Clone the TileDB-Docker repo and build the images:

git clone
cd TileDB-Docker
docker build -t tiledb:base base
docker build -t tiledb:release release

There is also a tiledb:dev image if you'd like the latest and greatest (but potentially unstable) TileDB version.

To run:

docker run -it tiledb:release
cd ./build/examples

Optional components

If you'd like to build TileDB with optional components such as HDFS or S3 support, use the enable build argument when building the images, e.g.:

docker build --build-arg enable=s3,hdfs -t tiledb:release