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TileDB Go Bindings

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This package provides TileDB golang bindings via cgo. The bindings have been designed to be idomatic Go. runtime.set_finalizer is used to ensure proper free'ing of C heap allocated structures.

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Supported Platforms

Currently the following platforms are supported:

  • Linux
  • macOS (OSX)


This package requires the TileDB shared library be installed and on the system path. See the official TileDB installation instructions for installation methods. TileDB must be compiled with serialization support enabled.

Go Installation

To install these bindings you can use go get:

 go get -v

To install package test dependencies:

go get -vt

Package tests can be run with:

go test


TileDB-Go follows semantic versioning. Currently TileDB core library does not, as such the below table reference which versions are compatible.

TileDB-Go Version TileDB Version
0.7.X 1.6.X
0.8.0 1.7.0
0.8.1 1.7.0
0.8.2 1.7.2
0.8.3 >=1.7.3
0.8.4 >=1.7.3
0.8.5 >=1.7.3
0.9.0 2.0.X
0.10.0 2.1.X
0.11.0 2.2.X

Missing Functionality

The following TileDB core library features are missing from the Go API:

  • TileDB generic object management
  • TileDB group creation
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