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MyTile is a MariaDB storage engine for accessing TileDB arrays
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MariaDB storage engine based on TileDB

Quickstart Usage

Docker Image

A docker image is provided to allow for quick testing of the mytile storage engine. The docker image starts a mariadb server and connects to it from the shell for you.

docker run --rm -e MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=1 -it tiledb/tiledb-mariadb

If you want to access arrays on s3, you will need to add your AWS keys as env variables

docker run --rm -e MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=1 -e AWS_ACCESS_KEY_ID="<key>" -e AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY="<secret>" -it tiledb/tiledb-mariadb

or mount a local array into the Docker container with the -v option:

docker run -e MYSQL_ALLOW_EMPTY_PASSWORD=1 -it --rm -v /local/array/path:/data/local_array tiledb/tiledb-mariadb

Example SQL Usage

TileDB Arrays can be access directly via their URI.

Show create table:

show create table `s3://my/array`\G

Basic select:

select * from `s3://my/array`;

Use assisted table discovery for long uris:

create table my_array ENGINE=mytile uri='s3://my_bucket/arrays/sub_prefix/path_is_longer_than_64_chars/my_array_1';
select * from my_array;

Create table:

CREATE TABLE `s3://bucket/regions`(
  regionkey bigint WITH (dimension=true),
  name varchar,
  comment varchar
  ) uri = 's3://bucket/region' array_type='SPARSE';



To build the default docker image simply use the following:

git clone
cd TileDB-MariaDB
docker build -t mytile -f docker/Dockerfile .

If you would prefer to build a more traditional mariadb which launches the server and is not interactive use the Dockerfile-server

git clone
cd TileDB-MariaDB
docker build -t mytile -f docker/Dockerfile-server .


Requires MariaDB 10.4.8 or newer.

Inside MariaDB Source Tree

git clone -b 10.4
cd server
git submodule add storage/mytile
mkdir build && cd build
cmake ..
make -j4

Running Unit Test

Once MariaDB has been build you can run unit tests from the build directory:

./mysql-test/mtr --suite mytile

That will run all unit tests defined for mytile


There are three parameters currently supported for MyTile.

Paramater Scope Data Type Default Value Description
read_buffer_size global or session integer 100M Read buffer size for tiledb query attribute/coordinates
write_buffer_size global or session integer 100M Write buffer size for tiledb query attribute/coordinates
delete_arrays global or session boolean False Controls if a delete table statement causes the array to be deleted on disk or just deregistered from mariadb. True value causes actual deletions of data
tiledb_config* global or session string "" Set TileDB configuration parameters, this is in csv form of key1=value1,key2=value2. Example: set mytile_tiledb_config = 'vfs.s3.aws_access_key_id=abc,vfs.s3.aws_secret_access_key=123';
reopen_for_every_query global or session boolean True Closes and reopen the array for every query, this allows tiledb_config parameters to take effect without forcing a table flush but any tiledb caching is removed.

* If reopen_for_every_query is disabled you must FLUSH TABLES before any new parameters set on tiledb_config will take effect on an open array (recently access arrays are not closed by MariaDB immediately).


  • Based on TileDB arrays
  • Supports basic pushdown of predicates for dimensions
  • Create arrays through CREATE TABLE syntax.
  • Existing arrays can be dynamically queried
  • Supports all datatypes except geometry

Known Issues

  • Condition pushdown only works for constants not sub selects
  • Buffers will double in size for incomplete queries with zero results
  • MyTile is not capable of binlogging currently both stmt and row based is disabled at the storage engine level
  • Specifying filters in create table is not supported, all filters default to zstd
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