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Install TileDB from brew

Build Status

Official Homebrew packages for TileDB.

Install TileDB (from stable tap)

The latest stable verison of TileDB v1.4.1

brew install tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb

Install the lastest development version of TileDB (dev branch from https://github.com/TileDB-Inc/TileDB)

brew install tiledb-inc/stable/tiledb --HEAD

To see all build build options use brew info tiledb

TileDB/homebrew-stable [release-1.4.1●] » brew info tiledb

tiledb: stable 1.4.1, HEAD
Storage management library for sparse and dense array data
/usr/local/Cellar/tiledb/1.4.1 (39 files, 4.0MB) *
  Built from source on 2018-10-26 at 09:16:22
From: /Users/jacobbolewski/TileDB/homebrew-stable/tiledb.rb
==> Dependencies
Build: cmake ✔
Required: aws-sdk-cpp ✔, tbb ✔, lzlib ✔, lz4 ✔, bzip2 ✔, zstd ✔
==> Options
	Enables building with debug information
	Enables building with verbose status messages
	Install HEAD version

To test that the install worked correctly:

brew test tiledb

Upgrade TileDB (to a new version)

If tiledb version was installed with --HEAD flag, to get the latest dev commit first brew unintsall tiledb and intstall again with --HEAD flag.

brew upgrade tiledb

Uninstall TileDB

brew uninstall tiledb