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- Added several new Vector response types: ESRI GeoServices JSON, ESRI AMF, and BSON encoding.
2011-03-28: 1.9.0
- Added new Vector provider based on old PostGeoJSON provider.
2011-03-28: 1.8.1
- Merged Zain Memon's proxy provider update.
2011-03-24: 1.8.0
- Added new Core.NoTileLeftBehind exception class to suppress result caching.
2011-03-17: 1.7.4
- Fixed use of "layers.get(name)" to "name in layers" in WSGI server.
- Made possible to build Composite docs without numpy or sympy.
2011-03-17: 1.7.3
- Made it possible to instantiate WSGI server with a configuration object instead of a file.
2011-01-31: 1.7.2
- Fixed json import to account for older Python versions, by checking for simplejson availability.
2011-01-29: 1.7.1
- Fixed PIL import to account for systems that can "import Image".
2011-01-26: 1.7.0
- Made geographic projections user-specifiable using module:class naming.
- Made all class specifications accept module:class syntax, hoping to deprecate module.class sometime.
- Added manpage fixes from David Paleino.
2011-01-26: 1.6.2
- Fixed WSGI content-length type error that was affecting mod_wsgi.
2011-01-21: 1.6.0
- Added "-d" flag for to drop tiles in a directory, regardless of cache settings.
- Merged Zain Memon's WSGI support, supercedesprevious example gunicorn support.
2010-11-29: 1.5.0
- Expanded PostGeoJSON provider in extras collection to include built-in shape clipping for Polymaps.
- Added gzip option to Disk cache to reduce disk usage of text-based providers like XML or JSON.
2010-11-23: 1.4.1
- Being permissive of I/O errors when getting sublayers in Composite provider.
This is short-term necessary, may require configuration or fixing later.
2010-11-20: 1.4.0
- Completed substantial upgrades to Composite provider (TileStache.Goodies.Providers.Composite),
including multiple blend modes, curves adjustments, and layer opacity.
2010-11-18: 1.3.0
- Added new URL Template provider from Ian Dees to TileStache.Providers.
2010-11-15: 1.2.2
- Made it possible to use just a subset of layer preview arguments instead of the full four (lat, lon, zoom, ext).
2010-11-15: 1.2.1
- Previously neglected to include VERSION file in tarball.
2010-11-15: 1.2.0
- Made preview.html pages for tiles configurable with a starting location.
- Sharply improved TileStache.Goodies.Providers.Composite with JSON config, etc.
2010-11-09: 1.1.3
- Found another mapnik bug, removed unnecessary tempfile creation.
2010-11-09: 1.1.2
- Refixed a bug in mapnik provider and learned to test things before pushing them.
2010-11-09: 1.1.1
- Fixed a bug in mapnik provider to make fonts directory work.
2010-10-21: 1.1.0
- Made configuration objects customizable by defining properties in new API.html.
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