The backoffice console for TileDesk. Tiledesk is an Open Source Live Chat platform written in NodeJs, firebase and Angular.
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tiledesk-widget backoffice application is available on GitHub with the AGPL-3.0 licence. Follow this instructions to setup the environment.

Consider that cloud service makes every module available with the same open source licence.

  • Web Widget component
  • iOS Widget API (work in progress)
  • full iOS App
  • full Android App
  • Tiledesk Backoffice (this repo)
  • All the chat components are available thanks to the Chat21 open source project, also available on GitHub (

Feel free to ask for support on, using the live chat widget on the the website.


  • Angular 5.0
  • Firebase Auth
  • Firebase Database CRUD (Firestore & Realtime DB)
  • MongoDB CRUD


For Firebase Auth and Firebase Database: create an account at For MongoDB CRUD: install and running tiledesk-api-nodejs (

  • git clone
  • cd tiledesk-dashboard
  • npm install

Edit the environment.ts file and create the in src/environments/.


export const environment = {
    production: false,
    firebaseConfig: {
        apiKey: 'APIKEY',
        authDomain: '',
        databaseURL: '',
        projectId: 'PROJECT-ID',
        storageBucket: '',
        messagingSenderId: '123456789'
    mongoDbConfig: {
        BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000/',
        PROJECTS_BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000/projects/',
        SIGNUP_BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000/auth/signup',
        SIGNIN_BASE_URL: 'http://localhost:3000/auth/signin',

export const environment = {
    production: true,
    firebaseConfig: {
        // same as above, or use a different firebase project to isolate environments
     mongoDbConfig: {
        // same as above

And finally ng serve


Run ng build --prod --base-href /dashboard/

Deploy on AWS CloudFront and AWS S3

aws s3 sync ./dist/ s3://tiledesk-dashboard/dashboard
aws cloudfront create-invalidation --distribution-id E2DTAKWHWQ7C3J --paths "/*