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ActionSheetPicker = UIPickerView + UIActionSheet

Well, that's how it started. Now, the following is more accurate:

  • iPhone/iPod ActionSheetPicker = ActionSheetPicker = A Picker + UIActionSheet
  • iPad ActionSheetPicker = A Picker + UIPopoverController



Easily present an ActionSheet with a PickerView, allowing user to select from a number of immutible options. Based on the HTML drop-down alternative found in mobilesafari.

Improvements more than welcome - they are kindly requested :)


  • Spawn pickers with convenience function - delegate or reference not required. Just provide a target/action callback.
  • Add buttons to UIToolbar for quick selection (see ActionSheetDatePicker below)
  • Delegate protocol available for more control
  • Universal (iPhone/iPod/iPad)

Screen Shots

ActionSheetPicker ActionSheetDatePicker ActionSheetDistancePicker iPad Support


Thanks to all of the contributors for making ActionSheetPicker better for the iOS developer community. See AUTHORS for details.


Filote Stefan

Brett Gibson

John Garland (iPad!)

Mark van den Broek

Evan Cordell

Greg Combs (Refactor!)


Tim Cinel


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