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This version is deprecated: use ActionSheetPicker-3.0 instead.

This repo is outdated. You can find new version of ActionSheetPicker (iOS 8 compatible alredy) here: ActionSheetPicker-3.0.

I try to resolve a lot of pull requests and issues in this repo by time, but new updates will be appeared in I forked from this repo and implement a bunch of fixes.

Regards, Petr Korolev.


Thanks to all of the contributors for making ActionSheetPicker better for the iOS developer community. See AUTHORS for details.


Filote Stefan

Brett Gibson

John Garland (iPad!)

Mark van den Broek

Evan Cordell

Greg Combs (Refactor!)

Petr Korolev (Update, crashfix, update for iOS7, new pickers)

Nikos Mouzakitis


Tim Cinel