A simple Image Gallery built with Instagram and backbone.js
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Express is a simple image gallery using the Instagram API and backbone.js. It authenticates itself with your Instagram account using OAuth 2 and stores the access token in HTML5 local storage. This is entirely a javascript app. There is no server side component whatsoever.

Developer Account Setup

Instagram requires that, for API access to user data, you register your application. You can do this by creating an account at http://instagr.am/developer/register/

Adding a Client

You need to register a client app in your developer account. You can put pretty much anything in for most of the fields but make sure that your callback url is http://localhost:8000

Running the App

You need to enter your client ID into the app code. Change *** YOUR CLIENT ID *** as appropriate.

I'm on OS X and you can easily run a quick web server using Python. There's no server side component to Express so you just need to cd into the root of the project and run the following:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer


This is a pretty simple but functional proof of concept. The main issue is that the OAuth access token is not persisted server side so if you clean out your browser you'll lose access with that particular token. You can reauthenticate and get a new token, of course.


I'd like to use http://parse.com to persist access tokens and maybe provide some kind of simple gallery hosting where users could quickly register and see their Instagram galleries.