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a generic LED controller that can be populated for either RGBW LED strip or addressable LED strip like WS2812.

It has the option for populating a pair of potentiometer, and a 5 way slider switch for controlling light modes.

An Arduino Nano is mounted using ordinary 2.54mm pitch pin headers. Optionally a ESP32 Pico Kit can be mounted instead of the Nano, this is much more expensive it is a more powerful MCU and have WiFi.

A RS485 receiver and a pair of XLR connectors can also transform the LED controller into a DMX driver.

Power Supply and voltage rails

Input rail

The input voltage to LightBoxNano are called VIN and can range from 5 to 30V. Make sure to only feed LightBoxNano with a voltage that the LED strip can handle. The maximum voltage is limited by the maximum voltage of the IRLML6344 Mosfets and of what the LED strip can handle.

If using 5V on Vin you need to read "Logic rail" to populate it correctly.

RGBW rail

The positive rail for the LED strip driver is directly fed from VIN, it's usually 12V.

Addressable rail

The positive rail for the addressable LED strip driver is directly fed from VIN, it's usually 5V.

Logic rail

The logic rail should be 5V and feed the micro controller.

There is 2 options for the logic rail:

  • Use buck, when Vin is greater than 5.5V.
  • Use direct jumper link when Vin is 5V.

Note that the logic rail bypasses Vin_fused.

The buck converter using TI's guide:

Protection circuit

There is 2 options for input protection:

  • A classic fuse
  • Highside High Current Power Switch

Classic Fuse

A much cheaper option then the high side switch, but one time use only. Populate with a appropriate 1206 fast blow fuse. Example: Fuse Fast Blow 10A 1206 MCCFB1206TFF/10

No reverse polarity protection exist when using a classic fuse.

Highside High Current Power Switch

The Infineon BTS50055-1TMC is a highside high current power switch with buildt in reverse polarity and temperature protection.

It's also used to measure current consumption; Current_Feedback as analog output. To enable the high power switch Enable_Vin_fused must be driven low.

Both Current_Feedback and Enable_Vin_fused goes to the MCU so it can act on over current and act as a resettable fuse.


Channel Arduino Nano ESP32
Current_Feedback A0 (PC0) IO38
Enable_Vin_fused D13 (PB5) IO37

RGBW driver

This is made for LED strip that have red, green, blue and white channels that have a common positive rail like +12V. The LED driver can drive 4 output channels in constant voltage mode at 5A each. The channel can drive up to 10A current if an optional IRLML6344 is mounted. One color channel on a 5m LED strip consisting of 300 LED's will draw 6A (20mA x 300px) when fully lit. A full RGB strip 18A, and a RGBW strip 24A.

Channel Arduino Nano ESP32
Red D5 (PD5) IO26
Green D6 (PD6) IO27
Blue D9 (PB1) IO13
White D10 (PB2) IO15

Addressable LED driver

Addressable LED strip is hooked up directly to VIN and the data pin is going to micro controller via a 1k resistor.

Channel Arduino Nano ESP32
Addressable D3 (PD3) IO25

Control interface

Two potentiometers can optionally be mounted. They are pulled up to 3.3V, so you won't get the full range on the Nano.

Channel Arduino Nano ESP32
POT_1 A1 (PC1) IO26
POT_2 A2 (PC2) IO27

A 10 position rotary coded switch can optionally be mounted for selecting different modes.

Channel Arduino Nano ESP32
SwCode1 D7 (PD7) IO14
SwCode2 D8 (PB0) IO12
SwCode4 D11 (PB3) IO2
SwCode8 D12 (PB4) IO4

10 position switch is coded in binary.

Code 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
1 * * * * *
2 * * * *
4 * * * *
8 * *

Also a pin header of the Arduino Nano will be easily assessable for hooking up random stuff.

DMX Tranceiver

A RS-485 transceiver can optionally be mounted for sending and receiveing DMX512. It uses ADM2687E which isolates the RS-485 bus from the low voltage micro controller side. This is important as electrical errors down the bus can propagage along the bus. ADM2687E also isolates the power on the bus side by a buildt in DC to DC converter.

The tranceiver can be set to send DMX data if the jumper links "Link_DriverOutputA1" and "Link_DriverOutputB1" is soldered.

Jumper Description
Link_DriverOutputA1 Links the Z (Driver Inverting Output) to DMX+
Link_DriverOutputB1 Links the Y (Driver Noninverting Output) to DMX-
Receiver_Disable1 Pulls RE (Receiver Enable) to High which disables receiver
Receiver_Enable1 Pulls RE (Receiver Enable) to Low which enables receiver
Driver_Enable1 Pulls DE (Driver Enable) to High which enables sender
Driver_Disable1 Pulls DE (Driver Enable) to Low which disables sender
Link_TransceiverGnd_To_DMXgnd1 Links DMX bus Gnd to ADM2687E Gnd2
Link_DMXgnd_To_DMXchassignd1 Links DMX ground shield to ADM2687E Gnd2

DMX Send and Receive can be hooked up to UART channels on a MCU. Receiver Enable and Driver Enable can also be driven by the micro controller (only ESP32).

Channel Arduino Nano ESP32
DMX_Send D1 TX (PD0) IO21
DMX_Receive D0 RX (PD1) IO22
DMX_ReceiveEnable N.C IO19
DMX_DriveEnable N.C IO23


An Arduino Nano V3 (ATmega328) is selected because it's cheap, available and have enough power for most applications.

Another option is to mount a ESP32 Pico Kit instead which is much more powerful and have built in WiFi.

BOM (Bill Of Material)

Amount Manufacturer Description Article Number URL
1 Arduino MCU Arduino Nano 3 ATmega328 A000005
1 Espressif MCU ESP32 Pico Kit V4 ESP32-PICO-KIT
8 Infineon Mosfet N-Ch 5A SOT-23 IRLML6344TRPBF
1 Infineon Highside High Current Power Switch 34V 17A 6.0 mΩ BTS500551TMCATMA1
1 Analog Devices RS485 Transceiver Isolated ADM2687EBRIZ
1 Multicomp Fuse Fast Blow 10A 1206 MCCFB1206TFF/10
1 Littelfuse Schottky 200V 10A MBRD10200CT
1 Nexperia ESD protection diode 5V 1.55pF PESD5V0X1UAB,115
1 Vishay-Dale Inductor 47µH 42.7mΩ IHLP6767GZER470M11
1 Texas Instruments Buck 5V 3A LM2596SX-5.0/NOPB
1 Kingbright LED Red 20mA 0603 KP-1608SURCK
2 Multicomp Cap 10nF 50V 0603 MCU0603R103KCT
4 Multicomp Cap 100nF 16V 0603 MC0603B104J160CT
1 AVX Cap 4.7µF 10V 1.4Ω 1206 Solid Electrolyte TPSA475K010R1400
2 Taiyo Yuden Cap 10µF 10V 0603 LMK107BBJ106MALT
1 Panasonic Cap 18µF 50V 35mΩ Aluminium Electrolytic 50SVPF18M
1 Kemet Cap 100µF 50V 27mΩ Aluminium Electrolytic A767MU107M1HLAE027
1 Knitter-Switch Rotary Coded Switch 10 Position DRR4010
2 Alps Alpine Pot 10k Linear 29 0001
1 Multicomp Resistor 120R 0603 MC0100W06031120R
1 Multicomp Resistor 300R 0603 MC0100W06031300R
8 Multicomp Resistor 1k 0603 MC0100W060311K
8 Multicomp Resistor 10k 0603 MC0100W0603110K
1 Neutrik XLR 3-pole female Horizontal PCB mount NC3FAAH2
1 Neutrik XLR 3-pole male Horizontal PCB mount NC3MAAH
1 Phoenix Contact Connector Male 2 pin MSTBA 2,5/ 2-G-5,08 1757242
1 Phoenix Contact Connector Male 3 pin MSTBA 2,5/ 3-G-5,08 1757255
1 Phoenix Contact Connector Male 5 pin MSTBA 2,5/ 5-G-5,08 1757271
1 Phoenix Contact Connector Female 2 pin MSTB 2,5/ 2-ST-5,08 1757019
1 Phoenix Contact Connector Female 3 pin MSTB 2,5/ 3-ST-5,08 1757022
1 Phoenix Contact Connector Female 5 pin MSTB 2,5/ 5-ST-5,08 1757048
1 Multicomp Barrel Jack Switch 5A 2mm SPC21364
1 Multicomp Enclosure 120x120x60mm ABS IP65 MC001076


a generic PCB for controlling LED's both LED strip and WS2812







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