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Sample contact manager app entirely written in F# and Fabulous
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Sample contact manager app entirely written in F# and Fabulous

The purpose of this sample was to give a test drive to Fabulous, and showcase :

  • Why F# and the Elm paradigm are great to make apps
  • How easy it is to use
  • How to use SQLite with Fabulous
  • How to make multipages app
  • How to use the Maps control
  • How to make custom controls
  • And finally, check if it could be used for real production apps

FabulousContacts is now live in the stores!
Get it on Google Play

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Running the sample

If you want to build and run your own version of FabulousContacts, you will need to get a key for Google Maps on Android. Follow the instructions here:

Once you have a key, simply replace REPLACE_WITH_GOOGLE_API_KEY in the keys.xml file in the Android project:

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