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Android Market Manager


The Android Market Manager library is a small library project for Android app developers to simplify interaction with various app markets.

Currently, it contains:

  • Methods to link to the appropriate app store for either a single app, or all of a developer's apps
  • Some library utilities for checking which device the app is running on

Also included is the test project, which is a handy way to check how linking to each market will work on a particular device.

Note that while documentation is currently light, the constants file contains a lot of description for how the linking occurs. This may be useful for you even if you don't want to use the library itself.

For a description of available methods and what they are for, see

Beyond simply copying the code into your project there are two easy ways to bring it into Android Studio.

Including as a local library

To reference it as a local module (but not a part of your project), add the following in your settings.gradle (substituting the location as appropriate)

include ':AndroidMarketManagerLib'
project(':AndroidMarketManagerLib').projectDir = new File(settingsDir, '../AndroidMarketManager/AndroidMarketManagerLib')

Next, add the following to the build.gradle for your module:

dependencies {
    compile project(':AndroidMarketManagerLib')

Referencing directly from GitHub

To reference this (or any) library or codebase on GitHub or a few other places (but not in a repo), try this.

First, your module's build.gradle must add a new repo for JitPack (the second line):

repositories {
    maven { url "" }

Next, add the dependency to the same build.gradle. Note that the final string is the commit version; you can update this at by entering the GitHub project url and picking the latest commit.

dependencies {    
    // Use to capture
    compile('com.github.TimMackenzie:AndroidMarketManager:bc272e410c') {
        exclude module: 'AndroidMarketManagerTest'

That's it!