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Asp.Net Core MVC/Razor Page simple Grade book for teachers.

This is a fully functional piece based on web portal for music teachers.

Functioning demo at Since it's based on the MVC templates, you will have to create an account first, but this allows saving of student grades.

The bigger project was created in MVC with controllers, but on this port, I tried out Razor pages. I found the page to not be able to handle a lot of methods, so I also added in a GradebookController class, which is called directly or via the typescript file.

The Razor Page layout is quite detailed and "spaghetti-code", and I'll try to clean it up/move more into the c# files in the future.


  • Create Teacher accounts
  • Create/Edit/Delete School Classes
  • Create/Edit Assignments (Delete not complete)
  • Create/Edit/Delete Students and student grades
  • Calculates grades based on weighting


  • Customized rubrics with multiple assessments in one assignment, usable across multiple classes.