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The source for my personal website, uses Docpad as a static site generator
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This is the code behind, which is built using Docpad.

To run:

  1. You'll need Node and npm to be installed
  2. Install dependencies, by running npm i
  3. Automagically compile the site and run a web server using npm run run

You'll need to use docpad.cmd instead of docpad on Windows, due to an bug, since a plain js docpad config file is being used, rather than coffeescript. With the npm run commands, simply append -win to the command name to reference docpad.cmd.

To compile the site for deployment:

  1. Run npm run build to remove existing files from development, and to generate the site in the correct mode
  2. Copy contactsubmit/conf.example.php to contactsubmit/conf.php, and update options as required

Setting up commenting system

  1. These instructions are written for systemd-based Ubuntu, but should work fine on Debian as well. For security reasons, the installation of isso should be done under another user account - I made an account called isso.
  2. This site uses the Isso commenting system - to start, follow the install instructions on the isso site
  3. Add a /etc/isso.conf file with the required options
  4. Make the directory and file /var/lib/isso and /var/log/isso.log, and make both of these owned by the isso user
  5. Copy the systemd service and socket files from here, to /lib/systemd/systemd, and add the socket as a requirement of the service
  6. Enable the isso service
  7. Configure your reverse proxy, and set the isso_url variable in docpad.js

© Tim Stallard 2016

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