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Bingo Master Board

Bingo Master Board Screenshot

Bingo Master Board helps you host and manage your own Bingo games. You can:

  • Randomly draw and project Bingo balls
  • Display the amount of balls drawn or remaining
  • Set a winning pattern
  • Change the look of the board with themes
  • Hide drawn Bingo numbers for a tougher game
  • Manually edit the board if you're drawing balls separately

Bingo Master Board is designed for fullscreen on the Web.

Getting Started

The latest stable release is on GitHub Pages.

For offline use, download the game as a ZIP file. Once downloaded, unzip the folder and open index.html.

The latest commits are located in the Develop branch. These builds are not production ready and should only be used for testing purposes.

Bingo Master Board supports the latest versions of Edge, Firefox, Chrome, and Safari (including the iPad). Internet Explorer is not supported.

Use keyboard shortcuts!

You can use the keyboard to use the master board more efficiently. Draw Bingo balls with the space bar. Reset the board with the r key.

Find other keyboard shortcuts in the How to Use page.


What is the best way to give feedback?

For general feedback, you can leave a comment on my Website's project page. For bugs, see the next question.

I found a bug!

Great! Report the bug on GitHub issues, and I'll see what I can do to fix it. When reporting, let me know what browser you're using, and make sure someone else hasn't already reported the bug. Note that there may be bugs I can't fix if the bug is from the browser itself.

If you feel confident, you can send a pull request for bug fixes only. I've never dealt with a pull request before, so please bear with me if you do this. If I approve your pull request, you'll receive credit in the game's Credits page.

Wasn't there a PowerPoint version of this?

The Bingo Master Board project started off using PowerPoint. It had two flavors:

  • Bingo Master Board - the original version.
  • Bingo Master Board PLUS - used macros to add random Bingo ball drawing

This Web version supersedes both PowerPoint projects. Since we can use the PowerPoint PLUS features without macro security warnings, we're back to just one variant: Bingo Master Board.

Why did you switch from PowerPoint to the Web?

There are multiple reasons for the switch, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Vastly more accessible. No more paid software required, and the game can run on Linux and the iPad.
  • No downloads necessary. Just click the link to play.
  • No more worrying about macro security warnings
  • Ability to add features not possible with PowerPoint, like mouseover effects, keyboard shortcuts, and more.


Bingo Master Board is licensed under the MIT License.