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Wheel of Fortune for Web - Wheel Demo

So Many Numbers!

Here you'll find a tech demo of the wheel I was going to use for Wheel of Fortune for Web, the upcoming replacement for Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint.

Compared to the PowerPoint wheel, the Web wheel starts spinning from where the wheel last landed. It also uses the crypto-random API to securely determine where the wheel stops.

Currently I'm using the demo to test out my custom-made wheel wedges.

Currently, Wheel of Fortune for PowerPoint utilizes wheel wedges designed by MarioGS and wheelgenius. Their wheel wedges look spot-on to the actual show's, but they have caveats:

  • Their wedges have large file sizes, and they take a while for some computers to load them all.
  • If I ever add the option to customize the wheel, I'd need to store every single wedge by wheel value and color. That's a lot of images and would chew up a ton of bandwidth.
  • I'm reliant on MarioGS and wheelgenius creating new wedges if the actual show adds new ones. (They probably would, but you never know.)
  • Using their wedges causes licensing conflicts. The Creative Commons license for the wedges prohibits derivatives of the wheels, which I'm doing under specific conditions with permission from wheelgenius. But just because I have permission to use derivatives doesn't mean everyone else has. This causes a situation where you cannot fully take advantage of the terms of my own license due to the wheel wedges.

That's why I bit the bullet and redesigned all the wheel wedges from scratch. The new wedges are all vectors, so they look sharp regardless of screen and take up less bandwidth. And since I have full control of the graphics, I can potentially design original wedges without them looking out of place.

Although I cannot beat perfect, I believe my wedges still look pleasing for the majority of users. I may adjust them based on future thoughts and feedback.


It's not that relevant anymore, but from January 20 to February 10, 2020, I ran a survey on the wheel demo to figure out how to further improve the wheel. Click here for a summary of the survey results.

To Do

  • Add multiple wheel types to choose from
  • Add the wheel's second layer (wild card, Mystery wedge, etc)

Note that I'm long ways away from releasing Wheel of Fortune for Web. I'm just sharing these types of demos in the meantime.


Wheel of Fortune for Web - Wheel Demo is licensed under the GPL-3.0.

“Wheel of Fortune” is a registered trademark of Califon Productions, Inc, which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product. For more information about the game show, visit


A tech demo of the wheel for the upcoming Wheel of Fortune for Web







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