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Breakanoid Credits

This game wouldn't be as fun without a lot of help along the way.

Background music

The chip tune background music comes from the Free Music Archive


  1. Sweet Self Satisfaction by RoccoW
  2. SwingJeDing by RoccoW
  3. Fuck Sidechain Compression on Gameboy by RoccoW

Sound Effects

The sound effects come from the Freesound database

  1. Bounce - btn402.mp3 by Junggle
  2. Jump - Jump_C_09.wav (Retro game SFX) by cabled_mess
  3. Score - coin7.wav by shnur_
  4. Fail - boom1.wav by ProjectU012
  5. Level Complete - gewonnen2.mp3 by Kastenfrosch
  6. Game Over - Jingle_Lose_00.wav by LittleRobotSoundFactory


The fonts are from collection of free game assets. The fonts are from their Kenney Fonts collection.

  1. Title - Kenney Blocks
  2. In-game - Kenney Mini Square


  1. Visual Studio Code
  2. Google Chrome's Developer Tools
  3. Serve for running this locally while building it
  4. Audacity for editing a few of the sound effects