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Chonky is constantly changing. Please create an issue if you have a problem or want to request a feature.

Chonky is a file browser component for React. It tries to recreate the native file browsing experience in your browser. This means your users can make selections, drag & drop files, toggle between List and Grid file views, use keyboard shortcuts, and much more!

Click here for documentation and examples.


  • Backend-agnostic - files can come from any source (remote server, S3, virtual FS).
  • Supports file sorting.
  • Supports text search.
  • Supports drag & drop.
  • Mobile-friendly design.
  • Supports image thumbnails.
  • Supports keyboard shortcuts.
  • Supports List and Grid file views.
  • Supports common and custom file actions.
  • Provides unique icons for each file extension.
  • Supports file selections (excluding drag selection, for now).
  • Supports loading animations and async thumbnail generation.
  • Performs well with large file collections thanks to virtualization.

Quick usage

Add Chonky to your project:

npm install chonky

Use it in your React app:

import 'chonky/style/main.css';
import { FileBrowser, FileList, FileSearch, FileToolbar } from 'chonky';

export const ChonkyDemo = () => {
    const folderChain = React.useMemo(
        () => [
            { id: 'xXre', name: 'My Documents' },
            { id: 'BtrE', name: 'Websites' },

    const files = React.useMemo(
        () => [
            { id: '1eBr', name: 'index.html' },
            { id: 'xmFe', name: 'styles.css' },
            { id: 'vEgS', name: 'scripts.js' },
            { id: 'BVwA', name: 'favicon.ico' },
            { id: 'VsdE', name: 'robots.txt' },

    return (
        <FileBrowser files={files} folderChain={folderChain}>
            <FileToolbar />
            <FileSearch />
            <FileList />


Chonky preview


MIT © Tim Kuzhagaliyev 2020

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