A collection of dotfiles for my Linux setup.
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Tim's dotfiles

Collection of dotfiles for my Ubuntu 16.04 setup. Dotfile management is done using yadm.

Using this repo

Below you can find the list of programs that dotfiles in this repository depend on. It's suggested that you install them in the order they are listed in. In the process, fish and i3 might ask you if you want to generate a default config file - you can safely decline since their configs are already included in the dotfiles. It is recommended that you setup yadm (i.e. yadm clone <this repo>) after installing i3-gaps.

  • urxvt (rxvt-unicode-256color) - terminal emulator.
  • NeoVim (Vim works too) - text editor. For Python support, you will need to run pip2 install --user neovim and pip3 install --user neovim.
  • fish - shell. For nvm support in fish, you will need to install nvm-fish-wrapper.
  • Oh My Fish - fish plugin manager.
  • Shutter (shutter) - screenshot tool
  • Rofi (rofi) - application launcher
  • polybar - status bar
  • i3-gaps - window manager

Required fonts:

  • Dina (see instructions), used in urxvt and polybar.
  • Siji for icons, used in polybar.
  • FontAwesome (fonts-font-awesome) for icons, used in polybar.
  • Unifont (unifont), used in polybar.

Optionally, you can install/use the following packages:

  • feh - can be used to set the wallpaper. When setting the wallpaper (e.g. feh --bg-center image.png), feh will create a ~/.fehbg file. This file is automatically imported by i3 to set the wallpaper on startup.