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A simple PHP tool to simulate delayed API responses. Available at
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Reflex PHP

Reflex is a simple tool that allows you to develop applications that rely on some external APIs while the APIs themselves are not available. Additionally, it lets you simulate delayed API responses to test how your app will perform under various conditions. See below for usage instructions.

Using Reflex

First of all, Reflex PHP is available at Keep in mind it only works for POST requests, for all other requests a static page will be displayed. When a POST request is made, Reflex returns the request body in plain text, unless the user tweaks any of the 3 parameters listed below:

  • delay_seconds: Default value: 0. Amount of seconds by which the response will be delayed. Can be used to simulate bad connection or lengthy operations on server side. The maximum delay that can be set is 15 seconds.
  • content_type: Default value: text/plain. The value of the Content-Type header that will be returned. Can be changed to any string whatsoever.
  • data_source: Default value: NULL. If you want Reflex to print out the contents of a specific POST request instead of the whole request body, you can use data_source to specify the name of said parameter.
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