Election results from Congressional races from 2004 to 2012 in a sane format
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Congressional Election Results as JSON

The FEC maintains a record of official election results for presidential and congressional elections. Unsurprisingly, the format changes frequently. The repo attempts to tame that insanity and produce clear results in a clean format. Our pain should not be your pain.

Word to the wise

If using this data, please spot check any figures against the original FEC documents. While we're pretty confident about the methodology here, different states record results in different ways so it's always good to double check.

Fine, fine -- Give me the data

There's a JSON file organized by race and then candidate for each Congressional election from 2004 to 2012 in the data directory. A given election looks like this:

  "2008_AL_02": {
    "Bright, Bobby": {
      "id": "2008_AL_02",
      "year": 2008,
      "name": "Bright, Bobby",
      "state": "AL",
      "district": "02",
      "votes": 144368,
      "parties": [
    "Love, Jay": {
      "id": "2008_AL_02",
      "year": 2008,
      "name": "Love, Jay",
      "state": "AL",
      "district": "02",
      "votes": 142578,
      "parties": [

The same information is also output in CSV files. There is also a single file with all five cycles at data/elections.json.

A brief tour behind the scenes

The unmodified Excel files from the FEC live in the fec directory. You're welcome to replace them any time if you have reason to suspect there have been any modifications.

Since the format changes each cycle, fields.json stores the various field names we'll need. There's also a file called missing_parties.json with a few party names that the FEC forgot to include.

If you want to rerun the script to produce the JSON from the FEC's files, go right ahead:

npm install
node index.js --year=2010

You can pass "all" to the year flag to get every year, or just run this to get the combined file:

node index.js combine