PHP Integrated Query, a real LINQ library for PHP
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What is PINQ?

Based off the .NET's LINQ (Language integrated query), PINQ unifies querying across arrays/iterators and external data sources, in a single readable and concise fluent API.

An example

$youngPeopleDetails = $people
        ->where(function ($row) { return $row['age'] <= 50; })
        ->orderByAscending(function ($row) { return $row['firstName']; })
        ->thenByAscending(function ($row) { return $row['lastName']; })
        ->indexBy(function ($row) { return $row['phoneNumber']; })
        ->select(function ($row) { 
            return [
                'fullName'    => $row['firstName'] . ' ' . $row['lastName'],
                'address'     => $row['address'],
                'dateOfBirth' => $row['dateOfBirth'],

More examples


PINQ is compatible with >= PHP 5.5

Install the package via composer:

composer require timetoogo/pinq