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Manage client side state in Blazor using MediatR pipeline.
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Blazor-State is a State Management architecture utilizing the MediatR pipeline.


See the GitHub pages site for Documentation


Blazor-State is available as a Nuget Package

dotnet add package Blazor-State


Jimmy Bogard (MediatR). Jimmy is an amazing developer and a knowledge sharer.
Through his course at 11x Engieering, his many blog posts on Los Techies and now I have learned great amounts.

Peter Morris (Blazor-Fluxor). Pete and I have been friends for many years and he is an amazing developer and person who has taught me much. Not surprisingly Pete and I think much alike. We independently started working on our State Management components. Although I started first :P (By like a few days) Pete's component attempts to solve most of the same problems. Blazor-State draws on the strengths of a proven pipeline in MediatR where as Fluxor implements its own middle-ware.
If Blazor-State does not meet your needs be sure to checkout Fluxor.

Tor Hovland (Blazor-Redux). I have only know Tor for a short time via the Blazor Gitter channel but he is already stimulating ideas. If you use F# and need state management functionality checkout his library.


The Unlicense


Time is of the essence. Before developing a Pull Request I recommend opening an issue for discussion.

Please feel free to make suggestions and help out with the DocFx documentation. Refer to Markdown for how to write markdown files.

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