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Commits on Nov 20, 2019
  1. Merge pull request #231 from TimelyDataflow/maintain_closed

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 20, 2019
    Do not drop batches.
Commits on Nov 19, 2019
  1. Do not drop batches.

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 19, 2019
    Previously, if the advance frontier for a trace reached the empty set, indicating that no further requirements exist for correct accumulation, the trace would drop all batches. This has some problematic interactions with `read_upper()` and `map_batches()` which cannot tell that things are broken. It seems that there is no urgency to drop the batches, as they will be dropped the instant the last trace handle is dropped. If they are not dropped this way, it is because some weirdo is holding on to a defunct trace handle. I'm sure we will find out that I am such a weirdo, but it seems like the correct fix in that case is to drop the handle rather than monkey around with the implementation.
    This also updates the logging for `` to correctly record batch drops when the trace is dropped.
Commits on Nov 18, 2019
  1. release 0.11

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 18, 2019
  2. Merge pull request #204 from TimelyDataflow/continual_merge

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 18, 2019
    WIP: Continual merge
Commits on Nov 17, 2019
  1. optimized empty batch insertion

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 17, 2019
Commits on Nov 2, 2019
  1. correct calculation of records

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 2, 2019
Commits on Nov 1, 2019
  1. tidying up

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 1, 2019
  2. tidy more assertively

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 1, 2019
  3. merge master

    frankmcsherry committed Nov 1, 2019
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