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Noble MacOS bindings using the official CoreBluetooth API


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Note: this project was integrated in @abandonware/noble and is no longer actively maintained

Noble (Node.js Bluetooth LE) for MacOS

Build Status

The mac bindings in the noble repository use a XPC connection and an undocumented protocol to communicate directly with the bluetooth daemon. This is error prone, as the protocol needs to be reverse engineered by sniffing the communication between a regular program which uses the official CoreBluetooth API and the bluetooth daemon. Since the protocol is not public Apple can change it at anytime (For now every new OSX release changed the protocol).

This package provides the same functionality as the regular noble mac bindings using the official CoreBluetooth API.

System Requirements

  • Node.js v6.14.2 or later.
  • macOS 10.7 or later




Currently, it has not been published yet on npm, so please try to add the dependence as the following.

"dependencies": {
    "noble-mac": ""

Then, please run npm install again.


Simply require noble-mac instead of noble:

const noble = require('noble-mac');

On non-Mac platforms this will use the regular noble implementation and on MacOS it will use the native binding using the official CoreBluetooth API.


Be careful to not write to the Client Characteristic Configuration descriptor directly to enable notification. Use subscribe instead to enable and listen to notifications.

Implementation Status

Everything should work that also works with the regular noble mac bindings.

  • Broadcast is not implemented, but it neither was in recent noble mac bindings