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TimoCloud is a Minecraft server/proxy management system ("Cloud System"). It will care about keeping online enough servers/proxies of every kind. But it's more than that. Thank to its algorithms, you'll never have to care again about servers or resources. TimoCloud automatically chooses servers with low CPU usage and enough available RAM to start your instances. And its integrated Flow-System makes updating templates easier than ever before: Edit one file in a server template, and the update will automatically be deployed to all bases (a.k.a. "Wrapper"). But of course, only the changed files will get updated.


TimoCloud is full of innovative features. Here is a list of the most important ones:

  • Automatic and dynamic starting of Minecraft servers and BungeeCord/Velocity proxies - depending on the current online player amount.
  • Automatic and dynamic selection of a virtual machine (server) with enough available resources for an instance which is getting started.
  • Powerful API, synchronized over your whole network in real-time, also offering async methods with callbacks. Everything that can be done via commands also has a corresponding API method.
  • Secure Communication: TimoCloud uses RSA and AES encryption to securely communicate between Core, Bases, servers and proxies
  • High efficiency: Efficiency is one of our major goals: While using powerful software such as screen and Netty, TimoCloud tries to keep your servers' resource usage as little as possible
  • Multi-Root: Use one TimoCloudCore instance in combination with as many bases (a.k.a. "Wrapper") as you want.
  • Multi-Proxy: TimoCloud is standalone and does not only start Bukkit/Spigot servers for you, but also BungeeCord/Velocity proxies
  • Beautiful, live-updating sign system: Use the integrated server join sign system to let players access all your servers. Signs are dynamic - that means only free servers will be displayed - and can be animated.


You can download the latest version here


See the Wiki

Building from source

git clone
cd TimoCloud
mvn clean package


For support, please join our Discord


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Dynamic & scalable Minecraft server & proxy management system





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