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A brief intro to python, designed for 2nd year students in Experimental Psychology
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A brief (2h) introduction to programming in Python for absolute beginners

The course was developed and delivered by Mirta Stantic and Timo Flesch.

A brief intro to Python, designed for 2nd year undergraduate students in Experimental Psychology and Biomedical Sciences at the University of Oxford.

"This course will introduce you to Python programming and will assume no previous knowledge of other programming languages. We’ll skip the basics of setting up the programming environment to teach you how to assign values to variables, manipulate data formats and data sets, use basic scientific visualizations and basic statistics. We’ll introduce you to loops, conditionals and functions and discuss some of the most important libraries in the scientist’s toolkit.

This class might be of particular interest to those who are interested in doing computational work in the future – whether academic or in industry. Python is the most widely used programming language amongst data scientists in the industry but also an incredibly powerful tool to have at your disposal should you choose to continue your academic career.

No prerequisites expected. Resources for those who are interested in learning more will be provided in the interactive worksheet in class."

How to get started

  1. Open "slides.pdf"
  2. Click on the "launch in binder" button below when you've read through the slides.


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