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Pavel was developed in Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Professional
using C# 2.0.
In order to successfully compile Pavel you should have installed:
- .NET Framework 2.0 (later versions _might_ work)
- The TAO Framework 2.0.0 (again, later versions might work)
Load the Pavel.sln into Visual Studio and compile. This compiles
the Projects "Pavel" as well as the external Plugin Projects.
In order to run the tests in the "Pavel Tests" Project, you need
the nUnit Framework ( installed. During the
development of Pavel NUnit-Net-2.0 2.2.8 was used.
Pavel was not developed for or tested on Mono (
It doesn't use many Win32-specific API calls though and while a port will
definetly be more complicated than just a recompilation of the sources under mono,
there shouldn't be too many adjustments necessary.