BasicPawn - SourcePawn Editor

BasicPawn - SourcePawn Editor

BasicPawn is a very lightweight and basic SourcePawn Editor that uses dynamic Autocompletion and IntelliSense like any other IDE or Advanced Editor. It supports SourcePawn, Transitional SourcePawn and even AMX Mod X. BasicPawn also has some special features like the simple debugger to debug your plugins and the plugin system to create your own BasicPawn plugins.


  • SourceMod (SourcePawn & Transitional SourcePawn)
  • AMX Mod X (Debugger not supported yet and some Pawn features are not supported)
  • Pawn (Not fully supported)


  • Simple Windows Forms UI
  • Dynamic autocompletion (Methods, Variables, Methodmaps, Enums etc.)
  • IntelliSense
  • Simple Debugger
  • Plugin System
  • Customizable Syntax
  • Light/Dark Theme
  • Unlimited custom Highlight colors
  • Customizable configs
  • Supports old and new SourcePawn syntax
  • Runs on Wine as well

See AlliedModders BasicPawn thread for more information.

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