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SourcePawn language proof-of-concept obfuscation tool

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Whats this?

A proof-of-concept Obfuscator for traditional SourcePawn syntax. This is mostly just a archive to store GPLv3 projects which have been modified and the program executable itself.

Anti-Virus false positive detections

This is an Obfuscator and might be used for malicious purposes. Therefore, the SmartPawn binary could be marked as malicious even though it does no malicious acts. Add the SmartPawn binary to the Anti-Virus exclusion list if you want to use SmartPawn on your Computer. If you are still concerned, you can run SmartPawn in a Sandbox program (e.g. Sandboxie) or Virtual Machine (e.g. VirtualBox, VMware).


  • Renaming
  • Constant Disintegration
  • String Encoding
  • Type Obfuscation
  • Control Flow Obfuscation
  • Function Proxy Obfuscation
  • Decompiler Protection
  • Metadata Overflow
  • Server Whitelist
  • Shuffle Functions
  • Optimizations
  • Stack Trace decoder
  • Debug-Removal & Invalid-Debug (Modified SourcePawn Compiler 1.6.3)
  • Anti-Debugger



Obfuscation Example (Normal Preset)