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Tech Roadmap

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Tech Roadmap is a free online resource on careers in the tech industry. Anyone who wants to break or transition into the tech industry or has already broken into it can use these resources to choose and define their career path and learn about the skills needed to build themselves in the chosen career.

Tech Roadmap

Table of Content

About The Project

Tech Roadmap lets you have access to collections of ebooks, videos, articles, guides, etc on different careers in the tech industry including no-code jobs. So if you are looking for resources either for yourself or someone else who is about to begin or start growing a tech career, then Tech Roadmap is the place to start.

These roadmaps or step-by-step guides are carefully curated for the different Tech Careers listed on our websites. The collections of resources are carefully arranged so that the learner has a guided learning path.

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Project Status

Tech Roadmap is live and you can check out the list of available careers on our Careers Page.

More quality roadmap will be added on other Tech Careers over time. Anticipate! 😁

The project is built with ReactJs, NextJs, and Styled-Components.

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Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Our website is easy to navigate with simplicity but quality as part of our goals.

But if you would like to fork the repository instead either for personal learning or to contribute to the project, then please follow the steps below:

Note: For contributing to this repo, please read our Code of Conduct and Contributing Guidelines before making any contributions.

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Fork this repository

Fork this repository by clicking on the fork button at the top of this page. This will create a copy of this repository in your account.

Clone the repository

Now clone the forked repository to your machine. Go to your GitHub account, open the forked repository, click on the code button and then click the copy to clipboard icon.

Open a terminal and run the following git command:

git clone "url you just copied"

where "URL you just copied" (without quotation marks) is the URL to this repository (your fork of this project). See the previous steps to obtain the URL.

For example:

git clone

where your-username is your GitHub username. Here you're copying the contents of the Tech Roadmap repository on GitHub to your computer.

Create a branch

Change to the repository directory on your computer (if you are not already there):

cd techroadmap

Now create a branch using the git checkout command:

git checkout -b your-new-branch-name

For example:

git checkout -b addDesignRoadmap

Note: Let the name of the branch be descriptive of the changes you are about to make.

Run the React app

First of all, install all the dependencies needed to run the react app on your system successfully by using the command yarn:


After that, run the command yarn dev to view the app and any changes you might make in your browser.

yarn dev

Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in your browser. The page will reload when you make changes.

Make necessary changes and commit those changes

Now go ahead and make the necessary contributions you want to make.

You can execute the command git status, to see the files you have made the changes to.

Add those changes to the branch you just created using the git add . command:

git add .

Now commit those changes using the git commit command:

git commit -m "Descriptive commit message on the changes you made."

Note: Ensure that there are no warnings or errors in your console before making any commits and pull requests.

Push changes to GitHub

Please before you push your codes to the repository make sure you pull from the repository, so the recent changes that have been made to the main repo can be reflected on your local machine. This is to avoid merge conflicts. Use the git command line git pull origin main

git pull origin main

and fix any merge conflicts you might have before pushing your changes.

Now push your changes using the command git push:

git push origin your-new-branch-name

replacing your-new-branch-name with the name of the branch you created earlier.

Submit your changes for review

If you go to your repository on GitHub, you'll see a Compare & Pull Request button. Click on that button.

Now submit the pull request.

Your changes or contributions will be reviewed and if ok, merged into the main branch of this project. You will get a notification email once the changes have been merged.

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How to Get Help

If you need more help, feel free to send an email to

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Remember, we encourage public contributions to this repository! So please read our Code of Conduct and Contributing Guidelines on how to go about it.

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This project is licensed under the MIT License - see file for details.

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