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RISC OS CVS to GIT converter

The program should on any Unix and requires Perl, Git and CVS. It converts a local copy of the the RISC OS Open CVS repository to Git.

It probably won't work on RISC OS unmodified, however patches and pull requests to fix this are welcome.

How to use

./cvs2git --git ../GIT --cvsroot ~/RISC_OS/cvsroot

Will read the CVS repository in ~/RISC_OS/cvsroot and create many Git repositories in ../GIT. A Git repository will be created for each component, and in addition a Git repository called unified which contains a branch for every product which reference the other repositories as submodules, for example IOMDHALDev-submodules and Disc-submodules.

If you add the option --unified:

./cvs2git --git ../GIT --cvsroot ~/RISC_OS/cvsroot --unified

A single Git repository will be created with branches for each component, the -submodules suffixed branches as above, a -unified suffixed branch for each component which doesn't use submodules, and the master branch which contains all the products.

Since a checkout of the master contains all products it is ideal as a base for future development work.


  • Some versions are untagged in CVS and therefore missing, the provided script add_missing_cvs_tags will add the required tags to CVS.
  • castle/RiscOS/Utilities/Release/builder is omitted because the CVS repository is corrupt.
  • castle/RiscOS/Utilities/Release/crc32 is omitted because there is no VersionNum file.
  • Git commit hashes are not stable between versions of this converter.
  • It is slow, especially --unified mode.


  • Don't include stable product files in recent parts of master branch as it adds clutter.
  • Add README and Licence files.
  • Strip dynamic dependencies?
  • Canoncalise white space.
  • Replace log message "/home/srevill-nfs/sandbox/rool/msg.txt" with something meaningful.
  • Join up the 2 parts of VFPSupport.
  • Join up the split history of InetSetup.
  • Convert CVS usernames to names (and email addresses if wished).
  • Try building some or all of the history.
  • Declare the conversion stable.