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Tim's Python Utilities

This is a personal package with a collection of useful utilities I like to carry with me from project to project. It's MIT licensed so feel free to use, fork, or make suggestions.

Things I Should Implement Here

  • The Fourier function wrapper around numpy scipy interface
  • Schodinger equation solver interface, using scipy's ode solving capabilities
  • Wrapper around some of the scipy.stats distributions to have fit testing and fitting together and other convienences
  • coordinate system transforms
  • convienence functions that make it easier to write stuff like a physicist or mathematican instead of as a computer scientist
  • Plotting functions (like science plot with units and labels or a 3D plot wrapper)
  • Numerically solve SDE by using scipy.integrate.solve_ivp and kernal density estimation, and run for a whole bunch of trials
  • NPZ to csv and visa versa because that would be handy
  • n-D power series generating and fitting, plus methods for saving, reading, integrating, differentiating
  • method to calculate distance between GPS coordinates using heaviside formula
  • Sommerfeld expansion
  • Dilogarithm
  • n-point stencil for m-th derivative generator
  • binary index grid sort array