My submission to the Recsys Challenge 2018: Automatic Playlist Continuation using Random Walks
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Automatic Playlist Continuation using Random Walks

This repository contains the code for my submission to the Recsys Challenge 2018 (team name 'Team Radboud'). Recommendations are generated from a bipartite graph representation (playlists and tracks) by running random walks over the graph.

The graph is built from the Million Playlist Dataset:

Million Playlist Dataset, official website hosted at


  • python >= 3.6
  • numpy
  • scipy
  • tqdm
  • spotipy (and Spotify API credentials)
  • whoosh


First, download the metadata using utils/ Note that this script requires the Spotify API credentials to be set in the environment (os.environ):

'SPOTIPY_CLIENT_ID': your client id
'SPOTIPY_CLIENT_SECRET': your client secret

Then, build the graph using utils/ Both these operations will take a long time, the -quick flag can be passed to either script to generate a very small graph from the first MPD files for a quick check if everything is working. The graph is needed as input to and runs the random walk methods on a validation set taken from the MPD, this file is used for experimentation. runs the methods on the challenge set and generates a csv in the format described on the challenge page.

The final score on the leaderboard was generated by running the command:

python <challenge_set.json> <graph.npz> <name_index> -alpha 0.96 -N 100000 -n_p 100000 -seed 1 -switch_d_prune