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important notice

openzwave needs to be installed on your system before you can use this plugin!! Please read this first: node-openzwave-shared

It has lots of README files which guide you through the installation process.


You will also need a ZWave USB stick.

  • Tested with the The Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5.
  • Tested with a Z-wave plus USB stick Model name: ZU1401EU. I think other zwave sticks will also work.

Tested Z-Wave devices

  • Danfoss LC13
  • a power plug
  • Door/Window sensor from Devolo. This device has a contact sensor, temperature sensor and lightness sensor included.

What can this plugin do?

  • Control Devices

    • Power switch (class id: 32)
    • Thermostat (class id: 67)
    • Door/Window Sensor (class id: 49) and (class id: 48)
      • contact and temperature support
  • Auto-discover ZWave devices

View all command classes

Plugin settings in Pimatic

Example USB port for Linux: '/dev/ttyUSB0' Example USB port for Windows '\\.\COM3'

      "plugin": "zwave-usb",
      "usb": "/dev/ttyUSB0",
      "debug": false

Device settings in Pimatic

I suggest using auto-discovery but if you want to add it manually:

For a thermostat or a window contact sensor its possible to configure a sync timeout. This means that in case the z-wave device didnt update his values in this timeframe (configured in minutes) then the device is not synced anymore with pimatic.

thermostat device

      "id": "zwave-thermostat",
      "name": "ZWave Thermostat",
      "node": 4,
      "class": "ZwaveThermostat"
      "syncTimeout": 45

PowerSwitch device

      "id": "zwave-switch",
      "name": "ZWave PowerSwitch",
      "node": 5,
      "class": "ZwavePowerSwitch"

door window contact sensor

      "id": "zwave-window-sensor",
      "name": "ZWave WindowSensor",
      "node": 3,
      "class": "ZwaveWindowSensor"
      "syncTimeout": 45


I kept getting the error "" in the "/usr/local/lib64" Searched for this on Google and found the following solution (I use Ubuntu 14.04 so not sure if this will work for every system):

  sudo ldconfig /usr/local/lib64

I automated this by adding ldconfig /usr/local/lib64 to my Pimatic startup script.


Support more devices

In the future I definitely want to support more devices. I only have two ZWave devices at the moment, If you want me to implement more devices you can donate them. Just send me a message on the Pimatic forum. You can also extend the plugin yourself, just create a pull request!


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