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Set of smart contracts being the underlying mechanism of the Timvi ecosystem
JavaScript Solidity
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Timvi Ecosystem

Smart contracts are written in Solidity v0.5.11

  • Logic ERC-721 Non-Fungible TBox Token contract. The main Timvi stablecoin logic contract.
  • TimviSettings Settings store.
  • TimviToken ERC-20 Timvi stablecoin.
  • PriceGetter ETHUSD price oracle contract (using Oraclize).
  • Leverage Service that allows you to receive ETH for a collateral in ETH and also you can exchange ETH to TMV according to the system’s internal rate.
  • Bond TBond is the service you can choose if you want to withdraw and sell TMV to get ETH fast and easy.



  1. Deploy TimviSettings.sol
  2. Deploy TimviToken.sol with TimviSetttings address as constructor parameter
  3. Set deployed ERC20 address in settings using setTmvAddress function
  4. Deploy PriceGetter.sol
  5. Set deployed oracle address in settings using setOracleAddress function
  6. Deploy TBoxManager.sol with TimviSetttings address as constructor parameter
  7. Call setContractManager setting's function with deployed contract address



Finish (for mainnet)

  • Call renounceSettingsManager setting's function

Test coverage and gas usage

  1. Clone this repo & open in terminal
  2. run npm run coverage
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