DRIMI is a tool box which extend GLM (OpenGL Mathematics) and contains a GUI, and other features.
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DRIMI is a C++ toolbox which extend GLM (OpenGL Mathematics) and contains a GUI, and other features.

This C++ toolbox is created during the development of my others projects and prototypes. It is designed to use the multimedia library SFML by Laurent Gomila and the library OpenGL Mathematics (GLM). This features are :

  • BitmapFont : Some classes to load create a font from image bitmap and display text like a retro-game. This feature use a shader to do a special color effect.
  • GUI : A C++ GUI very simple for this moment, specialy to make games and little applications.
  • Mathematics : An extention of the GLM library to convert numerics, vectors, etc... in string, and other features.
  • Noise : Contains only the Perlin noise for this moment. Some functions to make Perlin noises in 1D/2D and 3D.
  • Utils : Contains, for this moment, some event identifiers for a game engine.
  • Interpolations : A class to interpolate points. Contains linear, cosine and cubic interpolations.

A CMakeLists file is provided to help you to integrate in your prototypes or projects.


The license of the toolbox is under GPL 2. You can find in the license file the GPL 2.