Home automation files from maker faire 2015 booth, The Sense of Things.
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Esp8266 Arduino


These are files that support the home automation setup we presented at the SF Bay Maker Faire 2015.

The folders contain the following:

  • Esp8266Arduino - code that is loaded into a breadboarded esp8266-1 wifi module. One acting as a switch sensor, one acting as a web service/actuator.
  • SensorPCB - PCB design files, eagle cad, schematic, layout. Sensors hooked up to XBee radio
  • SensorGateway (on a RaspBerry Pi) - Python script and supporting modules to integrate into Raspberry Pi. Reads serial input from XBee coordination radio and sends out a TCP socket to Node-Red.
  • NodeRedGateway (on a Beaglebone Black) - Files used to set up Node-Red as a communications hub for various signals running through the home automation system.
  • ChartingGateway (on an Odroid C1) - Files supporting data charting with Graphite/Grafana

For more explanation of the setup see the blog post at: http://tinajalabs.com/