Mini-Maker Faire 2014 - Oakland, CA - Code samples for Sensors, Arduino Micro, Neopixel LEDs
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Code samples for the sensor demo I did at the East Bay Mini-Maker Faire, 2014.

  • ColorSenseNeo1 - uses a Flora Color Sensor with White Illumination LED; TCS34725 from Adafruit to read the color of a card and translates that into a color rendered with a section of Neopixel strand.
  • minimf_fsr_neo1 - uses an fsr (force sensetive resistor) as input to control a strand of neopixel LEDs
  • minimf_gas_neo1 - uses a gas sensor (MQ-3 alcohol sensor) as input to control a strand of neopixel LEDs. This is your basic breath-a-lyser that can detect the anoutn of alcohol on your breath. Instead of looking for people who have been drinking to activate the sensor, hand sanitizor with alcohol is an excellent substitute.
  • minimf_ird_neo1 - uses an ird (infrared distance sensor) as input to control a strand of neopixel LEDs. As you raise and lower your hand over the sensor (when it is pointing up), the LEDs will illuminate and track with the height of your hand.
  • minimf_wind1 - uses a Wind Sensor from Modern Devices ( - $17) as the input to control a strand of Neopixel LEDs. The basic code works; more info soon.