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Puppet a Home Automation Gateway

NOTE: Not a puppet module.

I'll try to learn how to build a full puppet module.


This is a piece of a site.pp file that can be used to puppet a home automation system on a stock distro of Raspian, Debian or Ubuntu on a Raspberry Pi, a Beaglebone Black, or an Odroid. Every time I get a new device, I find it tedious to install all of the software from my previous system. Here's an attempt to automate that process and end up with a new gateway that has the following packages.

You'll need to learn the process of setting up a Puppet Master:


It should install the following packages:

  • Apache 2.4.7
  • mysql 5.5.44
  • PHP 5.5.9
  • node 0.12.7
  • npm 2.11.3
  • node-RED
  • graphite 0.9.13
  • grafana 2.1.3
  • [mochad 0.1.16 - this is for X-10 module access]

Puppet Modules

These modules need to be installed on the puppet master to support the code in the site.pp.

You can typically install these modules like this:

puppet module install puppetlabs-apache or
puppet module install puppetlabs-nodejs --environment development

You can search and look for newer versions at Puppet Forge:

  • puppetlabs-apache (v1.6.0)
  • dwerder-grafana (v1.2.0)
  • dwerder-graphite (v5.14.0)
  • mosquitto (???)
  • puppetlabs-motd (v1.2.0)
  • puppetlabs-mysql (v3.3.0)
  • puppetlabs-ntp (v3.3.0)
  • puppetlabs-rabbitmq (v5.2.3)
  • reederz-nodered (v0.1.1)
  • mayflower-php (v3.4.1)
  • python (???)
  • puppetlabs-nodejs (v0.8.0)

Obviously I'm new to puppet so if someone has a better implementation, I'm ready to try it.