Tinka is an easy plugin packer for TiddlyWiki5.
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This is a plugin for the brilliant wiki system TiddlyWiki5, located at http://www.tiddlywiki.com

This is a Control Panel extension that aims to simplify the plugin creation and editing process. After installing, you will find a new tab in your control panel that makes creating and modifying plugins a little bit easier.

Project Homepage on tinkaplugin.github.io

How to install Tinka

There are a few ways you could install Tinka into your own wiki:

  • Go to tinkaplugin.github.io and Drag&Drop from there.
  • Clone this repository and import the output/tinka.tid file into your wiki.
  • Save the file located here and import it into your wiki.

Version History

2017-05-13 Release of version 0.4.0

This release fixes the following bugs:


  • Themes will now get the correct prefix $:/themes/ when packaging
  • Fixed search results not linking properly
  • Added description field when creating a new theme

2017-03-01 Release of version 0.3.0

After more than a year, Tinka is now on github and also released under the MIT license.


  • Packaging success now produces a modal that actively reminds the user to refresh the wiki.
  • The search tab state is now kept in a temporary system tiddler.
  • Added warning when repackaging themes that are not active.
  • The 'Help Tab' functionality is now also available for plugins that do not follow the $:/plugins/... naming convention. In particular this applies to themes and core plugins.
  • Fixed wrong headings for some modal dialogs.
  • Older action widgets remodeled to use the (new) CommonAction widget as a base.
  • Fixed error check that prevented users to enter a minimal core version dependency when creating a new plugin.

2015-09-20 Release of version 0.2.0-beta


  • Added Help-Tab capabilities to quickly navigate between plugin tiddlers.
  • Moved Create-Plugin wizard to its own tab.
  • Redid Create-Plugin UI to be easier and more accessible.
  • Backups can now also be downloaded/exported.
  • Added more documentation.

2015-05-18 Release of version 0.1.0


  • The metadata section now include edit fields for the name and source fields.
  • The //default search// box now only searches for title matches.
  • Backups can now be exported/downloaded.
  • Backups can now be restored and made active again. If another version of the plugin is already active, the option is given to back it up,before restoring the backup.

Warning: For this mechanism to work, there has to be an 'original-title' field present in the backup tiddler. This is automatically added by Tinka, however earlier versions of Tinka did not add this field. If you want to restore a backup from an earlier version of Tinka, you will have to add the 'original-title' field manually and populate it with the former title of the plugin tiddler, in order for the restore function to work.

2015-04-30 Release of version 0.0.2


  • The list of plugin tiddlers is now hidden by default, since some lists can get very long.
  • Added a different search option (default/filter)
  • Improved Documentation slightly
  • Added a backup option, so a plugin can be backed up before repackaging.

2015-04-29 Release of version 0.0.1